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AP Racing К-т Увеличенных Карбоно-Керамических Тормозных Дисков GTR R35

AP Racing К-т Увеличенных Карбоно-Керамических Тормозных Дисков GTR R35

Производитель: AP Racing

These 400mm disc assemblies are 20mm larger than the standard 380mm OE iron discs, yet reduce weight by nearly half. This is rotating and unsprung weight, improving performance in all categories: acceleration, handling and braking.

AP Racing CCM discs are the next technological platform after almost three decades of using carbon-carbon brakes on racing vehicles. Advances in materials, process technologies and nanoparticle technology make it possible to use a special carbon fiber precursor along with new, patented process techniques. This precursor is converted first into 3-Dimenional, multi-directional continuous carbon fibers then to carbon-carbon (via methane cracking during infiltration by pyrolysis) and finally to carbon silicon carbide (CSiC). We call it Carbon-Ceramic Matrix, or CCM for short.

The AP Racing CCM brake upgrade kit includes:
• Front & Rear CCM brake disc/hat assemblies
• Front & Rear CCM-specific Pagid high end street & endurance racing compound pads
• Caliper spacers

* Due to the dramatic reduction in overall mass, brake temperatures will run higher than the O.E. iron disc system given the same usage. We strongly recommends using one of the best high temperature brake fluids available, such as Endless RF650, with this upgrade.

Цена: 18990.00$


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