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Corbeau 3 Point Retractable Seat Belt Black Retractable 43321B

Corbeau 3 Point Retractable Seat Belt Black Retractable 43321B

Model: 43321B

Производитель: Corbeau

Corbeau 3-Point Retractable seat belts are perfect for those who want to replace their worn out factory belt, while maintaining the factory look and feel. Over time, belts can become damaged or worn due to excessive wear or sun exposure. This retractable seat belt is easy to install and with the different mounting and adjusting options, will fit-In almost any vehicle. These seat belts are a 3-point style belt-In that they include the lap belt and a single, over the shoulder strap, which will retract similar to your factory belts. As with all Corbeau Harness and Seat Belts, these are of the finest quality with an emphasis on functionality. At this time these seat belts are only available-In black. Please note these are not harness belts. If you are looking for a harness style belt, which has a strap for each shoulder, visit the harness belt page on our website.

Technical Specifications:
-2-Inch Webbing: Military grade nylon webbing.

-Retractable:Inertia reel that will retract similar to your factory belts. Under sudden movement or jolt, the belt will lock and hold you-In place.

-Release Buckle: Push button release for easy disengagement.

-Bolt-In:The end of each strap is equipped with a bolt which will bolt to your mounting locations.

-Dimension: L12xW9xH3

Цена: 98.75$


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