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MoTeC MDD Steering Wheel

MoTeC MDD Steering Wheel

Производитель: MoTeC

MoTeC Systems USA provides customised steering wheels based on standard Momo and Sparco steering wheels. They are fitted with an MDD display, lights, buttons and switches as per customers requirements.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminium, it is rugged enough to handle any motorsport use
- The steering wheel can be fitted with up to 12 individual LED outputs. This bi-colour, high intensity LEDs can be used for shift lights, warning lights and pit lane speed limiter indicators. Bi-colour LEDs can be chosen as red and green or blue and yellow.
- Alternatively, the steering wheel can be fitted with an SLM Shift Light Module, taking advantage of the enormous flexibility and scope for customisation the eight individual multi-coloured LEDs provide. Additional single bi-coloured LEDs can also be fitted.
The MDD steering wheel can be fitted with up to 12 driver input controls such as buttons, toggle switches or rotary knobs. these are available in a multitude of colours and labeled with laser etched graphics to suit the drivers preference.
The button states can be sent to the appropriate device via CAN or used in a direct connection.
Any of the buttons can be replaced with a 4-way switch, providing a variable voltage input device.
The MDD digital display features a number of different screen layouts and additional enunciators to display any information channel to the driver.
The wheel can be fitted with a hub mount connector for wiring through the steering shaft or a curly cord hanging off the wheel.
For complete personalisation the team’s logo or driver signature can be etched on the wheel.
Compatible with
ADL3, EDL3 and ACL
Hundred series ECUs—M400, M600, M800 and M880
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Цена: 4950.00$


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