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MoTeC SDL3 Dash

MoTeC SDL3 Dash

Производитель: MoTeC

The Sport Dash Logger (SDL3) comes standard as a combined display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. With the addition of the Data Logging upgrades it becomes a fully programmable data logger with 16 or 120 MB memory.

It offers the same construction and advanced technology as the top of the line ADL3, with a package of features tailored to more moderate system requirements.

The display layout is fully configurable to show a multitude of data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.

Four auxiliary outputs are available to control external devices. With the use of an E888 expander, eight additional thermocouple outputs are available, making this versatile unit suitable for many applications.

MoTeCs i2 data analysis software provides all the tools for comprehensive analysis of logged data.

Optional 16 MB or 120 MB logging memory
Logging rates up to 500 samples per second
Fast Ethernet download
70 segment bar graph
13 digit alphanumeric text bar
48 user-defined, scrollable message lines with programmable overrides
3 programmable pages for Practice, Warm-Up and Race
8 x Analogue voltage inputs, some are high resolution inputs
4 x Analogue temperature inputs
2 x Digital inputs
4 x Speed inputs with voltage measuring capability
Compatible with up to two E888 expanders (8 Thermocouples only)
4 x PWM or digital outputs
Internal Sensors
3-axis G sensor
Dash temperature sensor
Sensor supply voltage
Battery voltage
2 x CAN with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
- Maximum data range 1 Mbit/sec
- Recommended terminating impedance 100 ohm
1 x RS232
Dimensions 180 x 91 x 18 mm excluding connector
Weight 385 g
1 x 37 pin Autosport connector
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