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MoTeC VCS Pro Video Camera System

MoTeC VCS Pro Video Camera System

Производитель: MoTeC

MoTeC’s Video Capture System (VCS) is an integrated in-car camera system, designed and built for race cars and harsh environments.

The VCS records video and audio using the MPEG-2 video compression format at broadcast quality. It includes a built in real-time graphics processor that allows sensor data to be overlaid onto the video in real-time without the need for additional hardware.

The CAN interface enables communication with other devices, for example to set Auto Start/Stop Recording conditions.

A NEW feature - Automated CAN Video/Data Synchronisation - allows users to automatically align VCS footage with logged data in MoTeCs i2 Standard data analysis software, without the need for extra modules or additional wiring.

The Video Capture System is supplied as a kit with either a 4 GB or a 16 GB high performance flash card. The kit includes:

VCS Pro Recorder
Mini-USB B to USB A Male Cable
VCS Adapter Loom
VCS Power / CAN Loom
Roll Cage Mounting Bracket
VCS Mounting Plate

On Screen Display
The video may have the following data overlaid if the required sensors are installed in the vehicle:

Throttle Position: displayed as a vertical green bar graph scaled between 0% and 100%
Ground Speed: displayed as a gauge from 0 to 300 kph with overlaid numeric value
RPM: displayed as a gauge from 0 to 9000 rpm with overlaid text value
G force: displayed as a G circle from 0 to 2G with an indicator point and an overlaid text value for lateral and longitudinal G
Brake Switch: displayed as a vertical red bar graph
Gear: displayed numeric in the centre
Lap number, Lap time, Last lap time: displayed numeric
Steering: displayed as a steering wheel

VCS Pro Video Single Camera System 4G memory - 3290$
VCS Pro Video Dual Camera System 4G memory - 3705$
VCS Pro Video Single Camera System 16G memory - 3950$
VCS Pro Video Dual Camera System 16G memory - 4365$

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Цена: 3290.00$


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