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H&R ETS Electronic Lowering System Audi Q7 4L 07+

H&R ETS Electronic Lowering System Audi Q7 4L 07+

Model: 29244-2

Производитель: H&R

H&R ETS Electronic Lowering Systems are designed for cars with factory air suspension. H&R ETS work with factory air suspension to easily lower the chassis up to an additional 40 mm more from the factory setting. Lowering with H&R ETS enhances the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap, and improves handling with a lower center of gravity. H&R ETS retains the factory height adjustment switch and its functionality. All H&R ETS modules are plug-and-play, with no wire cutting and splicing or mechanical wrenching necessary. This means that no modifications to your factory wire harness are required and that the module looks like a factory installation. H&R ETS modules come with all the parts required for installation. The ETS unit is easily removed whenever you want to return your car back to factory specification.

-Approx. Front Lowering: 1.6 in.
-Approx. Rear Lowering: 1.6 in.

-Audi Q7 4L 07-13

Цена: 2475.00$


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