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JRZ Quadruple Adjustable Подвеска Porsche 997/996

JRZ Quadruple Adjustable Подвеска Porsche 997/996

Производитель: JRZ

JRZ Suspension Engineering is proud to offer our Quadruple Adjustable racing damper. Taking our damper design to the highest level; the JRZ Quadruple Adjustable utilizes the same canister as the Triple with a completely different rebound valving. The quadruple adjustable has more rebound oil flow than many solid piston racing dampers. This means that the response of the quadruple adjustable is minimal giving the driver precise feel and minimizing tire wear. Like all JRZ Dampers, the Quadruple Adjustable has a wide adjustment range with precise, even adjustments engineered to enable the chassis tuner to make significant, predictable changes every time. The adjustments are separated into the high speed and low speed piston velocity ranges for compression and rebound. This level of adjustment creates an environment for precise tuning. A monotube damper with adjustable gas pressure, the JRZ Quadruple Adjustable offers a wide adjustment range allowing the user to tailor the damper driver, track, and vehicle. The JRZ Quadruple Adjustable is available as a complete kit with springs and mounting hardware. Features: 22mm rod Mono tube Adjustable gas pressure piston designed for racing High response valving Precise canister Extra large adjustment range high speed adjustment controls blow-off in compression and rebound low speed adjustment for precise handling balance control Swivel hoses for easy mounting A highly flexible system, the JRZ Quadruple Adjustable enables the chassis tuner to maximize the suspension performance of any vehicle. Progressive blow off allows for a stiff compression and rebound valving while maintaining smooth response. The low speed adjustment is a powerful tool that enables the chassis tuner to further hone the suspension adjustments to maximize grip and hone vehicle balance throughout the corner. The result is a damper that provides ultimate chassis and ride height control with maximum mechanical traction. The JRZ standard large 22mm piston rod works in concert to maximize blow off valve response to solid chassis control without using a high spring rate. JRZ Quadruple Adjustable dampers are shipped with 360 degree swivel hoses for easy, customizable implementation. Swivel hoses are available with zero-inclusion quick disconnects for mounting canisters within the chassis for ease of adjustment accessibility. The monotube design makes use of a special piston utilizing very high levels of oil flow to the blow off valve in rebound. Therefore JRZ Quadruple Adjustable achieves the highest level of chassis control. To customize track to track setups and tailor the chassis to the JRZ Quadruple Adjustable has an adjustment range able to provide damping to spring configurations ranging from 2-5Hz on vehicle with moderate to large aerodynamic loads. Each adjustment is designed to be an even step giving you predictability when making changes. The JRZ Quadruple Adjustable is designed to be tailored to any car, driver and track combination while delivering ultimate traction and support. Benefits: Precise control of the chassis and unsprung masses Street ride, racing performance Easy to change configurations The JRZ Quadruple Adjustable takes you to the next level. Dedicated racing cars with experienced drivers are deserving of the professional technology JRZ delivers. Valving designed and innovated by JRZ Suspension Engineering, the JRZ Quadruple Adjustable is shipped as a custom configuration always tailored to the customer’s needs, and always comes with our world renowned personal service. Recommended applications: Professional racing Highly experienced Club Racing Special projects.

Цена: 21990.00$


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