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Schroth Racing Clubman PU Bolt Belt

Schroth Racing Clubman PU Bolt Belt

Model: sr92152PUS-V

Производитель: Schroth

Schroth Racing Clubman PU Bolt Belt

Schroth has released their newest belt, with one aim. Providing a superior harness for people needing a lower cost belt. By using cheaper adjusters, and only providing one configuration, we were able to bring the cost down below $200.

What is the difference between this and the next level up "Profi" belts?

Adusters and Options. The adjusters in the Clubman belt are the heavy, bulky steel adjusters that are common on competitors restraints. They are not as easy to use and add weight to the harness. They are, however, cheaper and bring down the overall cost of the harness. As far as options, we only offer the Clubman in one configuration. This streamlines the ordering, shipping and stocking process and trickles the savings down to you.

Why would you want this belt?

There are a couple reasons you might want this belt. Mainly cost. Drag racers, circle track racers, and many other racing bodies must have SFI 16.1 approved harnesses. While our other restraints are SFI Approved, this ruleset requires that the restraints be replaced every two years. Replacing a $300 restraint every two years gets pricey.

To that end, we were determined to come up with a solution to the problem. Here is a belt that meets all the same stringent specifications that our other belts do (In addition to SFI 16.1, this belt also meets FIA approvals). Yet we cut costs to price it less than competitor's belts.

Why wouldn't I want this belt?

If you need any sort of different configuration, this is not the belt for you. If you want the safer and easier to use 2" Lap belt, the HANS??? Specific 2"/3" Shoulder Belts, or the standard Schroth lightweight adjusters, then this is not the belt for you.

Please note: the picture shows an anti-sub strap with one bolt-in and one snap-in end fitting. This was a prototype belt that we used for a trade show. Standard belts ship with LV7 3-bar slides for mount to a bar, or for wrapping-in optional end fittings. s

Цена: 273.75$


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