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Schroth Racing Profi III 6 Black PU Belt LA-Bolt

Schroth Racing Profi III 6 Black PU Belt LA-Bolt

Model: sr41134-6-S

Производитель: Schroth

Schroth Racing Profi III 6 Black PU Belt LA-Bolt

Many sanctioning bodies are beginning to mandate a 6 point restraint. The Profi III-6 comes with a 3" lap belt, and 3" shoulder belt and a dual sub strap. It features the RFR Rotary Cam lock, and can be specified in many different lap belt configurations.

You can specify Color, Lap Belt End Fitting, and lap belt adjusting direction. For the sub straps, the end fittings are wrapped in, so you may purchase bolt on kits or wrap them around part of the roll cage. The shoulders come ready to be wrapped around a roll-bar. Snap or Bolt attachments can be purchased separately.

Supplied Hardware
Cam Lock Fixed Point
Anti-Sub Strap

End Fittings
-Shoulder: LV7 Wrap
-Lap: Sewn-in B14(Snap in) or Sewn-in B23C (Bolt in)
-Subs: LV4 with B14 Wrapped in

Extra Hardware
2 SG23 7/16" Eyebolts (Snap-in versions come with 4)
2 SG10 7/16"x25mm Hex head bolts (Bolt-in versions only)
8 S3 Wavy Washers
2 SG39 Reinforcement Plates .

Цена: 481.25$


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