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STaSIS Supercharger System Audi R8 4.2L V8 08-14

STaSIS Supercharger System Audi R8 4.2L V8 08-14

Model: SE811-M20-01-00

Производитель: STaSIS

STaSIS chose to supercharge the Audi R8 to improve throttle response and mid-to-top end power with a roots type Magnuson/Eaton TVS 1900 supercharger. Maintaining the the original Audi quality, smoothness and reliability were the key factors in the STaSIS design. STaSIS have harnessed reliability of Eaton superchargers with their 10 years of supercharging experience and worldwide OEM supply contacts to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driver’s car.

All key components are 100% made in California. This system has been fully road tested, documented on multiple race tracks and dyno tuned on the Mustang MD500AWD. The Audi R8 supercharger kit is setup at 7.5 psi and creates as much, if not more power than similar products running greater levels of boost. STaSIS engineers spent over 12 months testing and developing the Audi R8 supercharger kit. Software flash technology and latest Audi file versions have all been employed to provide the cleanest and most reliable method of software installation. Testing the software included extensive road and dyno test cycles, with acceleration and deceleration tests for driveability smoothness and ECU fuel management. All test cars were put through long term full throttle testing in conditions varying from wet cold climates to hot dry race track conditions for safe-optimal air fuel ratios and knock activity monitoring. Competently-written ECU software has allowed STaSIS to fully explore the potential of the Audi R8 engine.

STaSIS chose to mount the Eaton TVS 1900 supercharger with an in-house CNC machined billet aluminum housing containing an air/water heat exchanger. Our approach to the supercharger development is quite unique when it comes to design and production style. With a higher bar set for this project, our engineers chose to use the latest supercharger from Eaton Corporation: Twin Vortices Series TVS 1900. It is a 6th generation 4 lobe roots supercharger that supersedes the older 3 lobe MP90 and MP112. With the ability to rev to higher bearing speeds for longer periods, the TVS 1900 unit can be operated at lower speeds than the older unit and create more boost due to its displacement and higher efficiency. The supercharger is mounted atop the motor and driven off an upgraded Goodyear serpentine belt system and heavy duty active belt tensioner. The stock belt has been upgraded from 5 to 7 ribs.

The STaSIS supercharger system remains fully OBD2 compliant and is supported by a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty on the product only.


-7.5 PSI
-+ 130 Horsepower
-+ 121 lb/ft torque


-ECU software flash
-Magnuson/Eaton TVS 1900 supercharger
-Cast manifold
-Integrated air/water aftercooler
-Comprehensive installation CD-ROM
-Precision Made in California, USA
-1 year 12,000 mile warranty on the product only

Цена: 37493.75$


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